A New Way of Learning in 2021

2020 has proved to be the year of changes for us at the London College of Garden Design, both in Melbourne and in the UK. We have not only embraced the challenges we've faced, but also grown from what we have

learned through this time.

We are very happy to announce that from 2021 you will be able to study with us remotely in live classrooms and studios. This new option will allow students unable to be present in Melbourne to benefit from all of our Garden Design program in real time from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

When you choose this option, there will also be an opportunity for you to visit Melbourne at set times through the course and take part in extra events (such as flower shows and the special professional visit days), concentrated into a number of days in order to make best use of your time.

Students choosing this option will need to be available to take part in our regular classroom schedule of 2 days per week, and will work to the same time frames as students studying at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. So you get the same benefits of a professional course studying in real time and graduating alongside your peers.

As you will still be undertaking the entire LCGD Melbourne Garden Design Program, this option enables you to receive the full accreditation from the London College of Garden Design.

For further information on our new way of learning, please contact us at info@lcgd.com.au or call 0432 197 538