Garden Design Program

Our new two-year Garden Design Program will be led by our Australian Director and leading garden designer Brent Reid, supported by practicing design, horticulture and technical professionals from Australia to ensure you are given you the widest possible experience of our industry and the most up-to-date knowledge. Our London colleagues will also bring their unique experience to the course, contributing to the course content, timetable and design experience. The program will be delivered at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Gardens in a brand-new teaching facility.

Professional Australian skills

It’s important that you learn your skills from professionals working in horticulture and design in Australia and as well as core design and plant skills taught by Australian experts, we provide intensive CAD, business and construction teaching led by practicing professionals so that students can find work with design practices or launch their own successful businesses as soon as they graduate.

Our first course will start in March 2020 and run for 4 semesters across two years on Mondays and Tuesdays, finishing in October 2021. A new 2-year course will start each year. Over 4 semesters you will learn the essential skills to become a professional garden designer and all based at our home in the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Gardens.

Further details can be found by downloading the prospectus at the end of this page.

A new type of design training

This design-led training is new to Australia and is based on the unrivaled expertise of our UK partners. The course will include the extensive training for which the college is recognised, not only garden design skills but also CAD, horticulture, planting design, business and construction design training.

The course is brand new for LCGD and has been written especially for Australia to fulfil an ambition to provide a more intensive and wide-ranging experience for our students over a longer period. In the UK this is fulfilled by other diploma courses. In Australia our 2-year, 4-semester professional course will be taught by some of the Australian profession’s leading design and horticulture practitioners. The new, longer course will allow us to focus on some specialist subjects in more depth, especially planting design and those areas that reflect Australia’s love for outdoor living.

By studying on our course you will benefit from:

  • The experience of Europe’s leading garden design college with Australian horticultural integrity and design expertise.
  • Lecturers and Tutors who are all practicing professionals with up to date knowledge and skills.
  • High tutor/student ratios with a minimum of 1 tutor to every 10 students in studio classes.
  • Intensive training in CAD skills, planting and construction design and business as well as garden and landscape design.
  • Specialist lectures scheduled to relate directly to current assessed projects.
  • Student membership, ongoing continuous professional development support and access to professional mentoring on graduation.
  • Become part of the global LCGD alumni programme.

Professional Partnerships

We are already working towards partnering with recognised Australian industry bodies that will replicate our successful collaborations in the UK where we deliver technical training on their behalf. We will also be working towards accreditation in Australia.

Competition for places on our courses has always been keen and so we are opening enrolment now for our first course starting in March 2020.

Skills training that sets us apart from other courses

The London College of Garden Design Melbourne 2-year Garden Design Program will include:

  • Conceptual design training that not only includes hand drawing but also a sound understanding and practical experience in CAD skills which are essential for anyone aiming to work in a design practice on graduation.
  • Horticultural training, essential for anyone that is new to the profession and building upon knowledge you may already have.
  • Construction design training taught by industry experts that will allow you to design projects with confidence.
  • Planting design skills, inspired by our UK College’s unique diploma already studied by many experienced professionals including landscape architects from around the world.
  • Business skills that will enable you to launch a career in garden design as soon as you graduate.

Our aim is always to deliver professional level training with industry expertise that will allow graduates to go onto successful careers, both in working for existing design offices or to start up their own businesses. Our Garden Design program is accredited by the Society of Garden Designers, the UK’s professional body for garden design as are all our professional diploma courses in the UK.


Upon successful completion of the Garden Design Program you will be awarded a Diploma from the London College of Garden Design in the UK and we are currently reviewing our accreditation in Australia. We are also registered training providers for a number of industry landscape bodies.

If you would like to arrange to meet with our Director, Brent Reid to talk about the course please call us on +61 (0)423 080 728 or email us at