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Our Tutors

Myles Broad

Myles is Director and Principal Designer at Eckersley Garden Architecture, with his business partner Scott Leung. They design for lifestyle and amenity with a horticultural focus, creating relaxed and tactile gardens that invite clients into their outdoor spaces.

Scott Leung

Scott has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Horticultural Science at the University of Melbourne and is Director and Principal Designer at Eckersley Garden Architecture, with his business partner Myles Broard. He has a passion for hikes through national parks to see what works in nature and these observations show up in his work.

Bethany Williamson

Bethany is a landscape architect. Her approach to designing gardens does not impose a style or personal stamp upon a space. Rather, by capturing its essence and unique character she transforms it into a place that engages you emotionally and draws you into it.

Geoff Heard

Geoff has a B. Ag in Commerce from Lincoln University, NZ and has extensive experience in all aspects of living roof systems and over 30 years of horticultural experience. He established and manages Fytogreen, an industry leader in ecological sustainable roof and vertical gardens, since 2002, and conducts a rigorous research and development program to adapt and modify horticultural products to be successful and sustainable in Australia’s harsh climatic conditions.

Matt Reed

Matt has been collecting and growing plants from many locations throughout the world for more than 20 years. With Michael Morant, he founded Antique Perennials, a wholesale and retail nursery specialized in rare and unusual perennials, including shade loving woodlanders, bulbs, prairie plants and other hardy perennials.

Andrew Smith

Andrew has been growing plants all since he was young. When he finished school, he started working for Warners Nursery, one of Australia’s most successful wholesale nurseries, where he’s now Relationships Manager.

Kirsten Raynor

Kirsten is a horticultural scientist with a long experience as a lecturer and subject coordinator in the School of Ecosystem and Forest Science at the University of Melbourne. She has also worked as a trainee gardener with the Royal Horticultural Society at their flagship garden, Wisley, located in Surrey in the United Kingdom.

Dallas Roberts

Dallas is General Manager at Laguna Pools, Australia’s leading, premium swimming pool design, construction and lifestyle brand.

Teena Crawford

Teena studied horticulture at Burnley in Melbourne. She is the manager of Smith & Gordon in Melbourne, who are suppliers to the retail and landscape industries throughout Australia. Teena is also a gardening journalist and a co-presenter of a radio program.

Ross Uebergang

Ross Uebergang is a landscape designer, specialising in sustainable landscape design. He has a background in horticulture, and has qualifications in horticulture, sustainability, landscape design and Landscape Architecture.

Anthony Scaffidi

Anthony from Elite Pools and Landscapes brings a wealth of experience and expertise in swimming pool design and construction, offering our student designers invaluable guidance and insights.
As the National Concrete Pool Builder of the Year 2023 and 6 Time SA Concrete Pool Builder of the Year, Anthony’s knowledge, hands-on approach and commitment to excellence align perfectly with our mission to provide top-tier education in garden and landscape design.