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Come and Meet Us

Helping you to make the right decision about a career in garden design

It’s important that you make the right decision when deciding on a course. We believe that you should get all the information you need and all your questions answered by us before you enrol. From experience we know that this will help you decide which course is best for you.

It is important to us that you maximise the benefit of classes and we ask that you make every effort to attend every lecture and studio days where you will be able to access the experience and skills of practising tutors on a one to one basis. Our tutors are also available by email and you will find many of our student resources online including lecture notes, professional information, book and equipment recommendations.

You are very welcome to come and meet Brent Reid who leads the Garden Design program and also hear about the professional tutors who will guide you in your new Garden Design career. We can also show you the great facilities that will be available to you.

The Garden Diploma Program starts in late February or early March of each academic year. If you are interested in enrolling for the coming year or if you’d like to meet with Brent Reid for an informal chat about the course either in person or online then it is important that you arrange this early enough as places can get reserved quickly.

Please contact us on 0432 197 538 or email us at for more details