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Studying at the College

“Thank you for a superb lecture and workshop day – brilliant ideas and suggestions and thank you also for taking the time in answering some particular questions I had”


Students at the London College of Garden Design Melbourne follow many different routes before embarking on their studies with us. Some already have related design or horticultural skills, some do not. Many are moving from another career but we also welcome students who come straight from full time education. There is no one best route and the mix of skills in each year makes for a lively and supportive environment where students learn from each other during their studies as much as our world class tutors.

garden design studies

We also welcome students from overseas although you will need to check with the immigration services to make sure you are eligible to study in Australia.

We are based in a great location where you will benefit from a garden recognised worldwide for its design and plant collections. Indeed, this is a great resource that we use to support our teaching and one that you will always have available to you to back up what you learn in class.

It is important to us that you maximize the benefit of classes and we ask that you make every effort to attend every lecture and studio days where you will be able to access the experience and skills of practising tutors on a one to one basis. Our tutors are also available by email and you will find many resources online through the College’s special student section including lecture notes, professional information, book and equipment recommendations.

Not only are we near to public transportation links the venue also provides the day to day needs you require with a café and other facilities throughout the day.

If you would like to talk to any of our staff about the College and the services available alongside your chosen course of study please contact us on 0432 197 538.