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Frequently asked questions

Can I study remotely or online?

In 2021 we introduced the option to study with us remotely in live classrooms and studios. This option allows students unable to be present in Melbourne to benefit from all of our Garden Design program in real time from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. Students making this choice will need to be available to take part in our regular classroom schedule of 2 days per week, and will work to the same time frames as students studying at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. So you get the same benefits of a professional course studying in real time and graduating alongside your peers. If you have any questions about studying online, please get in touch with us.

Do you accept mid-year intakes?

Due to the structure of our course being a layer based learning system, rather than module based learning system we are unable to take mid year enrolments. Applications and enrolments for the next start to our program are now open.

Is there a payment plan option?
Yes, we do offer payment plan options to those who would like to pay their fees month to month or by the semester. These payment plans have an administration fee attached to them payable across the 18 months of the Program. Please ask for more details if this will help you in paying fees.
What’s the difference between LCGD and other garden design colleges?

Like our partner College in the UK, LCGD Melbourne aims to always deliver professional level training with industry expertise. It’s important that you learn your skills from professionals working in horticulture and landscape design in Australia, as well as core design and plant skills taught by Australian experts. We provide integral and intensive CAD, business and construction teaching as well as landscape design led by practising professionals. Our experience is that the quality and content of our teaching means that students can find work with design practices or launch their own successful businesses as soon as they graduate. Our Garden Design program is accredited by the Society of Garden Designers, the UK’s professional body for garden design as are all our professional diploma courses in the UK.

Do you offer short courses?
Yes, from time to time we will be offering short courses on a range of Garden Design and Horticulture topics. However, please note that it is not possible to achieve Society of Garden Designers accreditation or a Certificate of Completion from the London College of Garden Design without undertaking the full two-year Garden Design Program. Our short courses are designed to supplement your education only and do not constitute a full Garden Design certification.
When do enrolments open?

Enrolments for the Garden Design Course are now open. If you are thinking of studying with us please request a  prospectus from the Garden Design Program page for comprehensive information and instructions on how to enrol to reserve your place.

Do you have campuses in New South Wales or South Australia?

Our Australian campus is located in Melbourne, at the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Gardens.

We do offer a remote-learning option that is open to students in Australia and New Zealand. Click the ‘News’ section for more information on how you can become a remote student.

Is Brent really that tall?

Yes, he is 6’7″ in the old language. Not quite tall enough to hit his head on a standard doorway… but very close.