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Author: Andrew Fisher Tomlin

For the plant lovers!

We’re looking forward to the 2024 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show where LCGD Melbourne will be hosting the very popular Border Garden Competition. The competition will be bigger and better with the support of our tutors and the industry experience of the team at the London College of Garden Design Melbourne. This exciting competition is a platform to help emerging garden designers and experts show what is possible to achieve in a tiny space with a sole focus on plants. The focus here is on all plants and making the greenlife the star of the space!

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Design sustainability

A key focus for any landscape designer today is to design and operate in a sustainable way. Whether that’s simply managing design detail so that it minimises waste, sourcing from rentable suppliers to creating sustainable planting designs. Increasingly designers will have to think about measuring their impact and all around the world planning authorities are introducing requirements for new build that take account of the environmental impact of new developments.

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Landscape design or Garden design – what’s the difference?

Let’s clear up any confusion around the interchangeable use of these two terms in the design profession. We choose to switch between Landscape Design and Garden Design in our marketing material as the former is more common in the UK where our partner college is located, and the latter is more common in the Australian industry although garden design is becoming more widely used. By definition, these two terms are the same.

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