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Design sustainability

A key focus for any landscape designer today is to design and operate in a sustainable way. Whether that’s simply managing design detail so that it minimises waste, sourcing from rentable suppliers to creating sustainable planting designs. Increasingly designers will have to think about measuring their impact and all around the world planning authorities are introducing requirements for new build that take account of the environmental impact of new developments.

At LCGD Melbourne we take improvements in sustainable design seriously by including this throughout our main Garden Design Program and expect students to reflect upon their work and what they might achieve. We’re also dedicated to helping the wider landscape community which is why in March 2024 we have launched a new short course as an introduction to sustainable design for those people who are already working in our landscape industry whether as a designer or landscaper. It’s also aimed at garden enthusiasts that want to learn more about how they can make a contribution to a better future.

More information on this course can be found on our short courses page.

Image LCGD Graduate Chin Lieu