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Landscape design or Garden design – what’s the difference?

Let’s clear up any confusion around the interchangeable use of these two terms in the design profession. We choose to switch between Landscape Design and Garden Design in our marketing material as the former is more common in the UK where our partner college is located, and the latter is more common in the Australian industry although garden design is becoming more widely used. By definition, these two terms are the same.

You will often find that professionals feel more comfortable using the term Garden Designer as residential gardens are their core focus, while other industry professionals feel more comfortable using the term Landscape Designer that may indicate a lean towards hardscape elements. Some industry professionals bounce between the two terms. And of course…. there are increasingly people out there who their sole focus is on planting and so the term Planting Designer is becoming more widely understood.

Modern day Garden Designers should have a strong understanding of both hardscape and softscape elements in a garden. Our two-year Garden Design Program reflects the strength of teaching in residential gardens but we also ensure that you get extensive training in construction and planting design so that you leave us as an all-rounder, ready to take on design projects and free to specialise as your career grows.